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What does the NBA stand for?

The NBA (National Basketball Association) is one of the highest authorities in basketball. Read more on their official web.

In the year 1946 when the war just ended, a group of men, mostly owners of some sports halls of different American cities, meet in the Madison Square Garden of New York, in order to find alternatives to fill their rooms with more than hockey and boxing, which attracted much public but not enough to fill the stadiums for a whole year.

Basketball Association of America :

They start thinking about something totally different that would be able to complete the calendar. In addition, the context of the American population needed new entertainment. These men see basketball as an ideal event to achieve their goals.

This is how on June 6, 1946, the birth of what is going to become the most fantastic spectacle machine and world sports dollars, the Basketball Association of America (BAA) which has become the NBA.

National Basketball Association
NBA : National Basketball Association

Origin and History of what NBA means:

The history of the NBA and has its beginning in 1946 when it was called the Basketball Association of America (BAA), it was established until 1949 when it was renamed and this began as a complement to the greatest show in the league justice It’s ice hockey while your winter break is traversed.

For the date of its creation, there was already the professional league called the NBL which was merged with the BAA League created in 1946. You had to merge to then start what the NBA currently means.

What does NBA stand for? How NBA began?

That’s how the NBA began to have great opponents with the sole intention of dethroning it. This is how, in 1968, the ABA was born through the rules designed to create even more spectacular than the NBA created. Thanks to his inexperience and due to the great importance that the NBA had, he ended up defeating him.

Great players of the NBA:

It was like then in the year 1980, the NBA manages to obtain a moment of greater level, that is to say, it manages to increase its splendor in the call ShowTime of Los Angeles Lakers, that for that moment they were directed by the basketball player Earvin Magic Johnson. In this game, the ball was accompanied by the Boston Celtics, who at that time were led by Larry Bird. It begins then to take more shape what NBA means.

As in all sports, there is a great rivalry that attracted and liked the American public. This rivalry was starring the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers, thus becoming the classic of the NBA tournaments in each final.

More details about teams :

At this time, skin color was of great importance and for that reason. The captains of these teams had wide relevance in the world of basketball and in what refers to what NBA means. Bird, was white while Earvin Magic Johnson was black.

In fact, the issue of skin color was of great relevance to the public of the United States, that the Los Angeles Lakers team consisted mostly of black people, while the Boston Celtics were mostly white.

Importance of NBA :

These two players began to be of great importance for the evolution of what NBA means, which made them recognized worldwide and the emotion of the duel began to come to life in the world of basketball. The most curious thing is that despite the rivality on the court, both players were and currently are still very good friends.

What does NBA stand for?
Teams of National Basketball Association

What does NBA stand for?The first title of the NBA:

It would be in 1946 when what NBA means began to take shape, it was like then the so-called Basketball Association of America (BAA) name that would receive as we mentioned before until 1946 after both teams of the National Basketball League (NBA) join with those of the BAA.

The first winner of the first champion would correspond to Philadelphia Warriors led from the bench by the renowned Eddie Gottlieb and on the court were led by the legendary Joe Fulks, all bad then beat the Chicago Stags in a very exciting final of 4 1, Fulks being the top scorer of the season with 23.2 points.

In that season that gave a twist to what NBA means today, the player Dallmar was one of the four players who passed the 100 assists in this season and who in that final the step then walking badly due to a problem in one of his feet, but still with his condition managed to be of great relevance to his team.

NBA Rules:

The NBA has rules that are different from other bodies such as FIBA. The implementation of these rules is of great importance because thanks to its compliance, the organization has managed to evolve over time and be one of the largest organizations in charge of basketball. Thus giving a broad level that means NBA.

Its main rules are:

  • Playtime is comprised of four 12-minute periods.
  • As for the possession of the ball, the team has only 10 seconds to take possession of the ball and pass the midfield. And in case the ball does not touch the basket in the first 24 seconds, the player loses possession of the ball.
  • The replacement of the ball is given in the middle of the field, specifically in the dead times.
  • The fouls are given when a player commits 6 fouls in a row. When the team has accumulated 6 fouls, it will be punished with 2 free throws.

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