How does Handicap Betting work in Basketball? Basketball is a sport that can be found in almost all bookmakers in the portfolio and has now become one of the most popular types of bets. Read more about basketball here.

Here we are going to give useful information on handicap betting statements and describe what are basketball handicap betting?

In the following guide, we follow the Basketball Handicap Betting Explanation and have taken a closer look at sportsbook providers offering basketball bets in our bookmaker comparison and betting bonus comparison.

Most basketball bets are placed on the NBA and most basketball handicap bets offered by the bookmakers. Also, the American matches are usually equipped with the highest odds.

Basketball Handicap Sportsbook Explanation:

The bookies are not only handicap bets in basketball but also in many other sports too. The team, which the bookmaker classifies as poorer, is given a lead. The fictitious points are added to the actual score. As a result, the favorite of the bet, which the bookmaker assumes will win the match, is faced with a greater challenge and the two teams are theoretically equal.

For this reason, the bookmaker can offer balanced odds here, because normally the tip would not be worth the high favorites because of the low odds.

Handicap Betting work in Basketball
How Handicap Betting work in Basketball?

Classic Basketball Handicap:

How to bet on basketball online? In a classic basketball handicap, the bet can be betting on the same events, as is the case with a classic win bet. In a handicap 0: 1, the bet is won if the favorite has a lead of at least two points. If he scores only one point ahead, then the bet is counted as a draw. In contrast, it is enough for the outsider, if this one draws. This bet type is then used to generate a higher quota. Also, there is only a tendency to type, because the exact score doesn’t need to be predicted.

How does handicap betting work in basketball?

Handicap Betting in which the bookmaker equips the house-high favorite with a fictitious lead. Usually, this is a goal or even a certain number of points. At the end of the match, this point will be added to the real match evaluation. The normal betting markets of 3-way bets can be used.

Thus, there are basketball handicap bets on the win, on a draw, or even on defeat. The evaluation will ultimately be changed only slightly. The handicap bets are not only on basketball but also on football and various football betting markets, such as Goals Over / Under. Incidentally, this statement concerns the European version. In the Asian handicap variant, there is only the 2-way option.

The goal is to balance the two teams:

In practice:
How does Handicap Betting work in a Basketball explanation in a practical example?

As already explained, in a basketball handicap bet, the bookmaker gives the weaker opponent a head start due to fictitious goals or points. These are added to the actual result when billing the bet, which theoretically results in a draw between the two teams.

The favorite is thus handicapped and the odds rise accordingly. As a result, for example, some lucrative sports betting strategies are possible. The handicap bet on basketball is a bit more difficult because different points are possible here.

How does Handicap Betting work in Basketball? Example:

In our example, the “A” team is playing against “B”, with a handicap 0: 3 for the favorite “A”. In other words, three points are added to the result for the “B” team.

If the “A” team throws a basket from far away then there are three points and the final score is 3: 3 and therefore a draw. However, if the “A” team manages to score only a free throw, then the “B” players still win, as they are then 1: 3. This means that the “A” has more than three points advantage over the “B” players so that the bet for the “A” team is considered to be won.

Handicap Betting Calculator
Handicap Betting Calculator

Alternatives to handicap bet on basketball:

Sportsbook providers do not only offer handicap bets on basketball. There are quite a few other sports where handicap bets are used. In this basketball handicap betting statement, although we are only following basketball bets, this betting market still exists for many other sports.

Among them, for example, king football, but also tennis and many other sports disciplines. There are also many other types of bets as an alternative to handicap bets on basketball, for example: Who will win the halftime? Or In which quarter will the most points be scored?

How does Handicap Betting work in Basketball Who scored points:

There are also a lot of other special bets, but also the usual victory bets or 2 or 3-way bets are an alternative. Several special bets are often based on luck. In our Basketball Handicap Betting explanation, we’ll talk more about sensible alternatives and other sports later on.

To find the best supplier of Basketball Handicap bets.

If you found this basketball handicap sportsbook explanation fun in this type of bet, you first have to find a bookmaker who also offers this kind of bet.

Several bookmakers specialize in basketball handicap betting. First and foremost, we would like to mention bet365 here, because not only is there a large selection of handicap bets, but also attractive odds.

Payment Methods:

In the sportsbook payment methods, PayPal is available in the portfolio and there is a sportsbook voucher with customer-friendly and fair bonus conditions.

Another recommended provider is Tipico because there is a wide range of basketball bets in real-time, which are also still provided with high quotas. Also, the sportsbook apps are excellent. Although Bwin cannot convince with its quota level, the offer of special bets is particularly large.