What is a Triple Double?

What is a Triple Double in Basketball?

What is a Triple Double in Basketball? If you are new to basketball betting online, you should know about the Triple Double. This concept comes from the player in the match reaching double digits in at least 3 of the traditional quantifiable statistical data. Let us understand more clearly what is it exactly?

Triple Double in Basketball:

Making a double-digit means exceeding 9 statistical values ​​in one of those quantifiable data. For example, when someone reaches 10 points, they already have a double-digit and when they have 9, they don’t.

The Double Double would be when the player gets twice the double-digit and that way, we would try the triple-double, the quadruple-double, and the quintuple double.

Today’s record is that of the double triple-double, that is, reaching twice, in the same match, exceeding 3 of those statistical values ​​by two dozen.

What is a Triple Double in Basketball?
Triple Double in Basketball

Five Areas :

This is a basketball statistic for a player who in any one game, reaches double digits in 3 of these 5 areas:

– Points

– Rebounds


– Steals

– Blocks

However, the most common form for this makes up of Points, Rebounds, and Assists.

The basketball that plays in the NBA has little to do with the one that styles in Europe. In the United States, speed, physical strength, and individual talent prevail. It is to play mostly 1 against 1 or 2 against 2 and with few seconds of possession.

Also, the triple launch is increasingly prominent, and although European basketball has always followed in the footsteps of the NBA. It also maintains its hallmarks.

Tactics, zone defense, and plays involving the five players on the track uses more. There are enthusiasts and detractors of both models.

With this quick guide, we are now sure, you have got this point.