What is a Double Double in Basketball?

What is a Double Double in Basketball?

What is a Double Double in Basketball? Are you taking interest in basketball betting? You want to know about the term Double Double, let us find out here.

Here in the following post, we are going to talk about the players who get doubles-doubles and how valued it is by the coaches. And, of course, by their teammates and fans.

What is a Double Double in Basketball?

To begin, clarify that a double-double is reached when a player performs 10 or more positive actions in two statistical sections. That is, he scores 10 or more points, rebounds, assists, recoveries, blocks, etc.

This means that these types of players are highly valued, not only because of the cold numerical contribution, but because they are players who normally add a lot to the team. They are not usually selfish players, who perhaps look more at their score.

What is a Double Double in Basketball?
Double Double in Basketball

But that continuous work, that effort, in addition to rewarding your statistics, especially rewards the team. And what is more important, it infects and draws your teammates to make the same effort. It is because you see that there is a teammate who is always fighting in the rebounding, closing pass lines, playing one more pass, etc. In addition to that numerical evaluation, is a team feeling and a very important group work in the successes of the group.

The simplest double-double that occurs is that of points and rebounds. That which it is much easier for the players who perform it to be the internal players. The Double double have less value then Triple double.

The most common combination:

The most common combination of a double-double in a Basketball game is rebounds and points. What follows next by assists and points.

Both acts are tough to accomplish in a night and even more difficult to achieve regularly. Although rare, the player may also achieve a double double-double or 2020, or 30-30 or triple double-double.