Does Overtime Count in Basketball Betting?

Does Overtime Count in Basketball Betting?

Does Overtime Count in Basketball Betting? In basketball betting, Overtime is common in the USA Sports. There are different types of rules apply to several sports. So, it is always advisable to check the rules for those sports you are betting on.

Does Overtime Count in Basketball Betting?

– Quarter betting if betting on the fourth quarter

– Double results

– 3-way spreads

– Quarterly betting prices if the betting on the fourth quarter

In the above scenario, Overtime does not consider it.

Does Overtime Count in Basketball Betting?
Overtime Count in Basketball Betting

Over / Under Bet:

In the end, it doesn’t matter whether one or the other team can successfully place the ball in the basket again because at the end of the time the points of both teams add up.

The over/under bet is, therefore, a bet that more or fewer points than those specified by the sports betting provider will be achieved. 

A well-considering tip refers to the analysis of the last games by both teams. It is important to distinguish between: How many points has the home team landed in the last home games or vice versa did the visiting team win an away game? When looking at several games, clear tendencies can be readout.

But be careful: Were the opponents of the considered results as strong as the next one? This factor must included in the mathematical considerations as a variable. In addition, with a detailed calculation of the existing betting odds, there may be one or the other chance for a spread bet.


There is a certain consistency in the big and especially well-known international leagues like NBA or Euroleague. There are often duels in the championship that have a clear favorite with them. 

This constellation is of course ideal for a more lucrative handicap bet. The betting providers have tips from a gap or lead of 2.5 points in their program.