What is 3-way betting in Basketball?

What is 3 way betting in Basketball?

What is 3-way betting in Basketball? Bitcoin sports betting differs between markets in 2 and 3 ways. The classic 3-way bet can be found in soccer, ice hockey, or basketball. Being able to place your bets on the victory, draw or defeat of the event.

Example of a 3-way handicap bet in basketball

The 3-way bet is not particularly widespread in basketball. It is due to the fact that there is usually no tie here because otherwise it will be extended. Some bookmakers still offer a 3-way bet for regular time. But otherwise, there is usually only a 2-way bet with odd equalization points.

What is 3-way betting in Basketball
3-way betting in Basketball

In the following, we want to explain the handicap bet using an example from the NBA.

Let’s say the Detroit Pistons play Orlando Magic and the odds for a simple bet on the outcome of the game are 3.6 to 1.3. The bookmakers then usually give you a very large selection of different 3-way bets.

If you want to bet on the Orlando Magic favorite and believe that they will win with a certain lead, then you should accept this offer. Because if you give Detroit Pistons a virtual lead of, for example, 9.5 points through a handicap bet, the odds increase already tap 2.25 when tapping on Orlando Magic.

The greater the disadvantage of the favorite, the higher the quota for the whole thing. Of course, it is theoretically possible to offer a 3-way handicap betting in basketball at the regular time. But this has not yet become established with most online bookmakers.

About 2-way betting:

In a two-way (2-way) market, you could only bet on two options, for example, a player’s victory or his defeat. As it happens in tennis since it cannot be tied.

It is not the only 2-way market we will find, for example, a 2-way market is also if more or less than a number of sets were to play.